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The Midjourney Reference Gallery

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Midjourney is an incredibly powerful and entertaining tool for creating artistic and realistic images from a text prompt. This reference gallery contains over 400 images with prompts and descriptions to help you navigate Midjourney and start creating stunning visuals straight out of the gate. Each section includes a large set of keywords to help orient you, as well as seeded and non-seeded examples for each. Go and make art! 🚀

Photography References

Learn what elements of a prompt affect the appearance of photorealistic images and combine them to create the perfect shot.

ğŸŒž Lighting (high-key, diffused, natural, etc)

📽️ Film (Fujifilm Pro 400, CinemaScope, Kodak 400TX, etc)

📸 Camera (DSLR, Pinhole, Polaroid, etc)

ğŸ”Ž Lens (50mm, 35 mm, etc)

🕶️ Filters (Neutral Density, Soft Focus, Diffusion, etc)

🤳 Shot Type (Close-up, High Angle, etc)

⛈️ Atmosphere (Misty, Blue Hour, etc)

Artistic References

Want to create something a bit more artistic? Can't recall what a certain art type or illustration technique is called? Not any more! This section of the guide includes all the essential keywords to create beautiful and engaging digital art.

ğŸ§‘â€ğŸŽ¨ Art Movements (Cubism, Fauvism, Modernism, etc)

🧱 Materials (Marble, Wood, Topiary, etc)

🖌️ Techniques & Illustration Styles (Pencil Sketch, Pastel, Vector, etc)

🍃 Movement (Motion blur, particle effects, Lensbaby, etc)

😊 Emotions (Happiness, envy, serenity, etc)

Takeaways and Tips

We've also included several tips that will help you become a better AI artist and we will continue to update this guide as we gather more knowledge worth sharing.

Good luck! 🚀

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A Comprehensive Reference for Prompt Modifiers in Midjourney


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The Midjourney Reference Gallery

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