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HustleGPT - The Consultants

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The Consultants are included in the full HustleGPT Companion Guide

Join the HustleGPT Challenge and build a business from the ground up with ChatGPT as your entrepreneurial co-founder!

The reason this is easier than it sounds is because ChatGPT can wear as many hats as you need it to. Need advice related to something specific? We've included everything necessary to transform your chat bot into the consultant you need. Each section includes detailed outlines to address a wide range of sub-topics.

👔 Business Consultant

🖌️ Designer

🏦 Financial Advisor

📊 Marketing Specialist

🫂 Human Resources Consultant

💻 Technology Consultant

⛓️ Supply Chain and Operations Expert

💰 Sales Consultant

✅ Customer Success Specialist

🔨 Product Development Consultant

🧑‍💼 Legal Counsel

In total this guide includes 250+ questions you can copy and paste into your chatbot to spur your creativity and get answers to your business' questions.

Good luck! 🚀

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250+ prompts to get answers from the experts


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HustleGPT - The Consultants

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